History Lincoln Film analysis and research

Please read the attached file carefully. This assignment worth 30% of the final grade.

American Hist 104/

Film Review and Research Assignment (Lincoln Movie)

(100 points/30% of course grade)


Assignment:  Students are to choose one (1) film about American History from options listed below. Using Foner’s Give Me Liberty as background, students must utilize other resources to support their in depth review and research on their selected film.  Papers should be 3-5 pages (1000 words) in length, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman or Ariel font, size 12.

Paper should include the following:

A BRIEF summary of the story and historical setting (no more than two paragraphs).

  1. Does the movie accurately depict the time period and events in history it is based upon? Give examples based on research/Primary sources.
  2. Does the movie inaccurately depict the time period and events in history it is based upon? Give examples based on research/Primary sources.
  3. Is the story told from a biased viewpoint? If so, what other viewpoints needed to be considered and how?
  4. What aspects of the film are sensationalized for a mainstream Hollywood audience?
  5. Does the movie provide a better understanding of this time period? How?

Sources: Students must use at least two primary sources (One can be a Voices of Freedom excerpt), and two other sources such as; periodical (newspaper, journal, magazine), book (other than textbook) or legitimate websites to research their answer. Students should work to utilize each source equally. Works should be documented within text and listed properly in a Works Cited page.  (See attached sheet on Chicago Manual of Style)


Content – Comprehensive, detailed response to each question,

Introduction and Conclusion, student clearly outlines/summarizes their position/response.     50

Grammar and Sentence Structure – Cohesively written, spelling errors                                         20

Sources/ Formatting – Equal use of at least 4 sources including 2 Primary (10pts),

Proper Documentation, Footnotes cited internally (10pts), Bibliography page (10pts)            30

Total                                                                                                                                                                                         100


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