Great Albums of Rock and Soul


For this assignment you must recommend an album/CD that must be included in the Great Albums of Rock and Soul.

The album/CD must be at least 25 years old and must fit into the rock and soul category (1955-1993).

You cannot choose a greatest hits or best of compilation. Of course, you cannot choose an album that we have covered in class. If you choose a group or artist that is not on the list you must get it approved by me.

Late assignments will be penalized one grade point per class day late. Your good copy should be about 2000 words about 7-10 pages.

When you write your recommendation do the following:

1) Choose an album. Tell me why you chose it and your first reaction on listening to it.

2) Have some brief background information on the artist you have chosen. Show how and where the album fits in the artist’s career.

3) Talk about the success of the album: How did it do when it was released? What were the critical reviews of it? What influence has it had on other artists? How has the album been viewed over time?

4) Talk about the making of the album: Where and when and how? Producer/Engineer/Musicians/ Songwriters

5) Talk about the album design/ The cover/the liner notes/any information or pictures that have been included in the album design.

6) Discuss individual songs on the album/ Pick out what you think are the most important songs. Talk about the important songs: lyrics/music/ attitude. (Your analysis plus research)

7) Explain why it would be an insult to the musical gods not to include this album in the Great Albums of Rock and Soul course.

You should use reference books in your assignment. You must use one print source. Make sure that they are properly documented (Bibliography). Reference all quotes.

(author, page.)

The final copy should be 7-10 pages. Of course you can include graphics. Have fun!

You can do an album recommendation on one of these artists. If you are choosing someone who is not on the list it must be approved by me.

Otis Redding


Frank Zappa

Buffalo Springfield Patti Smith

Elvis Costello

Love Joy Division

Simon and Garfunkle Peter Gabriel

Marvin Gaye The Police

Al Green Talking Heads

Sly and the Family Stone Queen

Jimi Hendrix Fleetwood Mac

Big Star Eric Clapton/Creams

The Band AC/DC

David Bowie New York Dolls

Cheap Trick Aretha Franklin

Deep Purple Stevie Wonder

Black Sabbath C.C.R.

Nick Drake

Pink Floyd

Led Zeppelin

Bruce Springsteen

Velvet Underground/ Lou Reed

Stooges/ Iggy Pop

The Doors

Steely Dan

Thin Lizzy

King Crimson


The Clash

Sex Pistols

The Kinks

Rolling Stones

Van Morrison

The Who

Joni Mitchell

Carole King

Neil Young

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Byrds

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