This essay is based on answering the questions in the book after a section in a chapter in the book “monsters, A Bedford Spotlight Reader” by Andrew J. Hoffman. Each chapter has like 8 different stories with different authors and at the end of their story it has a couple questions. The question is in chapter 2, page 103 and its question 5.The title to this section is “composite monsters: Island of lost souls and the fly” by Bruce F Kawin. The question is ” consider your own experience with monsters in films. do you find humanoid horror monsters more frightening than animalistic ones? why or why not? why might film makers focus on half-human creatures instead of completely monstrous ones?”. in the book bruce kawin section is only 3 and a half pages long, so its not a long read at all.The post kawin, reflection Literature Essay A Bedford Spotlight Reader” by Andrew J. Hoffman. appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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