Students will individually (not assisted by team members) conduct research and submit a paper to the instructor on a topic selected from the list below. The paper format is APA style to include a cover sheet, abstract, references, one-inch margins, and 12 pitch Times New Roman font, double spaced. The length of the research paper is five to seven pages of text (not including cover, abstract, or references). Students must use at least five primary sources; eight for full sources used credit. Students will select one of the topics from the list below and post their selections to the Submit Assignments Here link in Blackboard by Lesson 2 (you will receive five bonus points). Topics for the individual research paper is:

What problems do team leaders face when leading older team members?

A grading rubric for this individual research paper is below:

Statement of the research question: 20 points
Explanation and analysis of the research question: 20 points
Analysis and explanation of how teams will impact
the selected topic 100 points

Primary sources used: (20 possible points)
5 sources 16 points
6 sources 18 points
8 sources 20 points
APA style, grammar, sentence structure: 20 points
Overall impression 20 points

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