This creative brief is about the Bridges, William book (Bridges,William. Transitions, 25th anniversary edition.).
Transitions making sense of life’s changes.

Please see attachment for details.

Creative Brief Rubric/Expectations

Please write a creative brief (narrative essay) in which you apply Bridges’ transitions model to a transition in your life that was especially meaningful to you.  You will need to use the model as a filter for your own personal memories; remember that the emphasis should be on your own personal experience and perspective as it relates to the Transitions’ model.

You should explore the topic using a spirit of inquiry; I should be left understanding how you have changed through a new awareness, knowledge, or discovery.   Be sure to use the first person (I).

Include at least three clear references from the Bridges book in your essay (one per phase).  Be sure to include the page number in parentheses from the book for both direct quotes and paraphrases.

It should not exceed 2-3 double-spaced pages and should be well organized around a clear theme and thoroughly edited and proofread.

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