Nursing Research proposal The effects of drinking milk on prepubescent girlsBe sure to use the designated subtitles for the sections. Make sure you include your citation style in the header of the paper. The structure for this is:A clear, descriptive, and unbiased title that is a summary of the research question.A section labeled Current History and Context (minimum of 600 words) that outlines the current state of the debate in a factual, unbiased way. You should have plenty of citations in this section and it is the longest section of the essay. Let the sources show the controversy, and avoid using any language in your analysis that suggests bias–go for a balanced, journalistic tone. Remember to use in-text citations for all quotes, paraphrasing, statistics, implied statistics, and visuals. Set up your quotes with basic introductory elements. Don’t rely too heavily on one source.A short section of 200-400 words that identifies and explains the roles of the primary stakeholders (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and how they could potentially change the outcome and/or be influenced by the issue–this section will have some citations, and it will be labeled Primary Stakeholders. Stakeholders are the people, groups, and non-human actors that are influenced in some way by the issue. Think beyond the obvious people and groups, and be sure to discuss any government agencies that are involved in decisions related to the issue.A short section of 200-300 words that outlines where you plan to look from here—this should be very specific, in that you should mention actual journals, experts, documentaries, etc. Name actual sources that will be useful to your research, such as The Journal of Business Ethics. This section is to show that there is enough known research to support your idea in a balanced and credible way, and that you have done enough research to know the best places to look next. This section should be labeled Research Agenda, and it is the conclusion of your essay. You will not try to solve the problem here, just explain where you plan to look next.You will end with an annotated bibliography with a minimum of eight sources that you have included in the proposal. At lest half of these should be recent (last five years), peer-reviewed scholarly sources, and you must have a balance of sources, meaning that your sources should not all support one side of the argument.Annotated means that after each citation you will include a paragraph that summarizes the key ideas of the source and an explanation of why it will help your research. Use APA format. After each citation, include a brief, 3-5 sentence summary of the article–this is the annotation. Do not use textbooks, encyclopedias, or any source older than five years. Stick with current, scholarly articles and high-end lay publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, etc.The post Nursing Research proposal The effects of drinking milk on prepubescent girls appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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