saudi nurses new graduates’ view on career development the Research Problem and Research Questions please add reference for this sentence and put the percentage of turnover in Saudi Arabia nurses recent study
The high rate of turnover and resignation among nurses in Saudi Arabia complicates the prevailing state of the nursing shortage in the country(reference).

2. also in the Research Problem and Research Questions please add reference for this sentence The hospital experiences of the graduate nurses during the first few years play a critical role in determining the retention rate nurses (reference). the chapter 5 discussion(Factors that helped in develop nurses in career) please add reference(( please Furthermore, the family and peers support tend to be factors that can support new nurses due to the lack of experience and demand for the safety space. (reference)
4. also in the Data Collection Part please sentence that highlighted with pink color is incomplete meaning ((In the semi-structured interview which is commonly used now days (Lopez & Whitehead, 2013). Can you please add two lines at least to complete its meaning .
5. also in the data collection please write about 3 pages about Interview protocol in semi-strutted interview
1. Beginning the interview
2. During the interview
3. Recording the interview
4. Closing the interview
Because my research is use this method of interview
6.also in literature review in the part of (view of nursing ) add this reference to references list because it is not there (Therefore, nursing as a ‘concept’ is more than just a definition (Mason-Whitehead et al. 2008).)
7. in the chapter 5 discussion please paraphrase all the sentences with yellow heighted .
8. add all new references and arrange them In APA form and put DOI please

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