Nursing Stroke

This is part of a unfolding case study you will present to a class on a patient that had a stroke. Include 5 learning objectives for you audience. The learning outcome and goal of this presentation is for the audience to demonstrate critical thinking and knowledge of key assessment findings, diagnostics, medications and essential teaching, health promotion, and follow up measures for the disease process of a stroke.

The pathophysiology of stroke explained in detail. Incorporate knowledge from the resources. The pathology should be extend to the cellular level and include applicable etiology, pathogenesis, clinical and diagnostic manifestations(effects on major body systems).

Management. Laboratory data and diagnostic results should be discussed including interpretations of relevance of selected pathophysiology. Pharmacologic interventions should be discussed including appropriateness of administration and relationship of the mechanism of action to the pathophysiology. Emphasis should be given to health promotion and key teaching needs of the patient.

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