Nursing Therapeutic Modality Presentation

1.Introduction (3 pts.)

2.Historical Perspective & Development (5 pts.)

3.Key Figures (5 pts.)

4.Key Terms &/or Concepts (5 pts.)

5.Assessment presenting signs and symptoms, DSM 5 diagnoses that commonly benefit from this type of therapy (10 pts.)

  1. Case Study: provide an example of a client who may present for this type of therapy and formulate this approach using several techniques from this therapeutic modality (10pt)
  1. Treatment Approach, Methods & Practice Techniques (explain & provide an example of an exercise that can be used by peers in practice) (10pts)
  1. An exercise or worksheet showing how this type of therapy looks in practice with explanation of how to apply it (10pt)
  2. Video clip of the therapy in action (10pt)
  1. Evidence Based Research for treatment of mental health disorders (provide at least 3 articles). Choose studies that were particularly relevant to your therapy focus. Discuss how these studies provided supporting evidence for use of this type of therapy in practice. Include the information you find in these articles to formulate a plan of care for the client you present in the case study (10pts)
  1. Resources, websites, certification, trainings, CME, professional organizations, etc. (10pts)
  1. Conclusion (2 pts)

12.References/APA/Grammar/Organization (5pts)

  1. Study Guide (5 pts)

Narrating a Presentation

Narrating a presentation can be achieved by using software programs (found on your I-pad) such as explain everything, keynote, screencast-o-matic, or use the narration option in the powerpoint software. Your presentation will need to be saved as a .mp4 or .mov file for other students to view and listen to it. If you need additional help with this, please use the ask a question forum, as your classmates may be able to help you. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact the IT department not your instructor.

Here are some helpful links to use as a guide to narrate your presentation:

  • PowerPoint:
  • Screencast O matic
  • Prezi:
  • Keynote:
  • Explain Everything:

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