Nursing Transition to Professional Practice

“You are required to complete a 2000 word paper. In this assessment you will address the issue of transitioning from the student nurse role to that of a graduate nurse. You are required to write a reflective paper of 2000 words on the following topic;

“All graduates of nursing courses experience some degree of culture shock as they transition from the role of student nurse to registered nurse.’

Discuss the factors that cause this shock and reflect on the strategies you will use to overcome it”

As this is still an academic paper, you are required to search for appropriate literature to support your paper and reference it according to Harvard Style”

“Tips to assist you with this essay are below:

Introduction: This could include the following:

 Background

 State what the essay is going to discuss

 Outline of main issues

 Writer’s point of view or interpretation of key issues


 Structure the essay logically, thereby it has an introduction, discussion and conclusion that summarise what you have discussed within the paper.

Ensure you check the essay for spelling or grammatical errors


Issues you may consider: What will you need to consider to ease my transition from student to registered nurse? How can you develop confidence / competence? What expectations will there be of you and what will you expect of yourself? What are some of the issues of modern healthcare and could they cause any issues in your transition? Will the environment be beurocratic or supportive? Will there be a theory- practice gap and what can you do about this? Culture shock, what is it and do you think you will get it? Is the transitional period a potentially stressful time? What about long-term do nurses leave or are they staying and what might be some reasons that nurses leave the profession? What about time management skills and prioritisation of tasks? Medication administration? Communication?

Critical Analysis:

 Provide a rationale for the discussion you make within the essay

 Ensure reflection is evident regarding the complex issues relating to the culture

shock of transition from student nurse to registered nurse.

 Critically analyse how you will apply your learning from being a student nurse and

discuss the factors that cause this shock and reflect on the strategies you will use to overcome it


 Summary of main issues

 Summarise purpose of essay

 Summarise point of view

 Summarise evidence”

Subject   Health Care      Topic   Ass 5.2 – Apply the “CODER” method of analysis of records for coding

Academic Level: Bachelor

Paper details

Using the “CODER” Method


Apply the “CODER” method of analysis of records for coding

Assignment Overview

In this article review assignment, you will review and apply the “CODER” method of analysis for coding.


A one-page (250-word) paper summarizing an article

Step 1

Find an article.

Research and find an article relating to the “CODER” method of analysis of records for coding. The article should be about two or three pages in length.

Step 2

Read the article and write a summary paper.

Your paper should address the following questions:

What method of analysis for coding is presented in the article?

What is the difference between their method and your method?

What suggestions would you make to better analyze records for coding?

Is the “CODER” method of analysis presented in the article effective? Why or why not?

Be sure you properly cite any resources used.

Step 3

Save and submit your assignment.

When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.

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