Program evaluation


For this assignment you will review an actual program proposal, construct a logframe based on the information given and analyze the theories of change informing the proposal. You will find documents needed to complete this Theories of Change and Process Tracing assignment on the course webpage: 1. A program proposal drawn from actual submissions for funding (“Country A” for this class); 2. Log frame templates; and 3. Draft training module from Search for Common Ground on developing logframes that you may find a useful resource. It is not required, but you may choose to present a results framework and/or a process tracing diagram—samples of these are in the reading. Be sure to clarify in your paper why you chose to utilize a particular framework.
Assignment: Review the program proposal example posted (“Proposal A” online). Then, draft a logframe (include as an appendix) that creates a graphic depiction of the program activities and relationships or links. Next, discuss the theories of change that appear to inform the intervention proposed; these may be directly or indirectly present in the program proposal and may differ across the progression of different program elements. Be sure to provide evidence from the proposal to support your analysis. The TOC discussion should be written up as a three page narrative summary of the core theory or theories of change and processes of change relevant to the proposal. Finally, include a brief reflection on your own assessment of the theories of change and process assumptions that seem to underlie the proposed project.
To complete the assignment, you should make use of the readings and course materials related to theories of change, program design and logframes.
When evaluating the assignment I will be looking for:
 Explanation of changes thought to stem from project efforts and how these will
happen, with clear examples illustrating your analysis.
 Process tracing of the changes expected by the program intervention (i.e. at least
activity, output, outcome, impact)
 Indicators relevant to some of the outputs, outcomes, or impacts
 Inclusion of a graphic logic model
 Accurate use of evaluation concepts and terms
 Thoughtful critique of the theories of change and process assumptions contained
in the project proposal.
 Awareness of the advantages and limitations of the logframe model.
Note: all interventions are informed by assumptions regarding how they are expected to influence and change existing conditions. While there are formal theories regarding change and recent efforts provide clear categories of change theories, naming a theory is less important than explaining how it works.

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