Domestic Violence


Read the article in the links provided, write your reaction to the article:

– Write Two full pages
(not including a cover page), typed, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font. You will write your reaction paper utilizing APA format.

– Be sure to include a minimum of 10 feeling words per article. All feeling words should be highlighted.
¨ Do not submit a summary of the article or repeat the same feeling word
¨ In your reaction paper, be sure to consider these questions:
¨ What feelings come to mind as you read the article?
*If you are having trouble identifying feelings, consult the feeling lists/chart
– Where are these feelings coming from?
– Have you had similar experiences?
– What feelings would you expect from yourself if the author were your client?
¨ Differentiating between thoughts and feelings is key here. If you say you feel a certain way but write down a thought, points will be taken off.
– Ex. “I feel like that was unfair” (THOUGHT) vs. “I feel unhappy because I think that was unfair” (FEELING)


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