Brigham, Bennett article


Please thoroughly read the Brigham, Bennett article, and answer the following questions. You may also review outlines. (attached)

1. Numerous explanations, ranging from the biological to the environmental have been offered for the CRE (Brigham, Bennett et. al).

A. What factors did these researchers claim to have an effect on the magnitude of the cross race effect? You do not need to be exhaustive, just those that seem to have an effect. And, you may list, but you must also define those listed.

B. The researchers mention a possible relationship between Interracial Contact and Racial Attitudes on the CRE (see page 267-268.) Briefly summarize their findings, and their perspective on this relationship, (a healthy paragraph will easily do) ?

C. Supported Opinion Q: Why do you think that Koreans adopted by White families at a younger age are more likely to recognize White faces than Asian faces? Do you think being adopted as a teenager would have an effect on these results? Why or why not?

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