Psychology-Summarize the main points of the piece


Answer the following questions for each media piece:

• Summarize the main points of the piece. List (at least) 3 important facts that the author uses to support the main idea of the article. Why are the issues raised important?

• What information or ideas discussed in this article or podcast are also covered in your text? List any relevant textbook chapters and page numbers and summarize how it relates to what you’ve read in the text. What theories or issues associated with developmental psychology does the article evoke? (This last question allows you to be creative.) Please note: I expect you to find relevant material in the later chapters of your text; if you cite material in Chapter 1 more than once, you will lose points.

• How might the facts, opinions or research add to our understanding of people at various stages of development? If relevant, how might the article help you in your present, past or future life and/or career?

• If the article reports research results, critique the methods used or the interpretation of the data (use your text to guide you toward the usual advantages and disadvantages of particular types of research methods; look in Chapter 1 for this). Hint: pay particular attention to the interpretive difficulties regarding correlational research. Try to think of alternative explanations for the interpretations given by the researchers quoted.

• List any terms or concepts that were new to you and write a short definition of them.

Criteria for grading: The cumulative assignment grade will replace your lowest exam grade, excluding the last exam and your class participation grade.

You must read and evaluate ALL the pieces assigned in order to receive credit. Each evaluation will get an individual grade and they will be averaged for the assignment as a whole.

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