Reading Report
A brief report, 2 pages each for each reading examining some of the aspects of the author’s argument that you find most interesting,your own assessment of and response to the argument, which might also be compared to arguments made in the other course readings, advice a descriptive summary of the reading, your critical analysis of the reading is key.
I will put the readings as additional files
the 5 sources are for the relation to the present
the 5 readings
1. – 2 pages – topic – talking to my daughter, how capitalism works and how it fails – readings – chapter 5, 6 , 91 – 134
2.- 2 pages talking to my daughter, how capitalism works and how it fails – readings – chapter 7, 8 135-184
3. 2 pages Neoliberal capitalism an work – readings – 1) Naomi klien, threats and temps. 2) Barbara Ehrenreich, serving in Florida. 3) Evelyn Nakano Gleen, "women and labour migration," 444- 448. 4). Leslie Salzinger, "A maid by any other name: The transformation of Dirty work by Central American immigrants" 229-452
4. 2 pages – Eurocentric ideology, discourse and power-
readings -1). start hall (1992) "The west and the rest : Discourse and power" in formation of modernity 276-314 and 325-329
5. Transactional capitalism and postcolonial relations of power in surrogacy and kidney sales.
readings- 1). Nancy scheper – Hughes, " Human traffic : exposing the brutal organ trades." New internationalist, may,2014. 2). Amrita Pande, " At least I am not sleeping with anyone". Resisting the stigma of commercial surrogacy in India". feminist studies. 36.2(2010): 292 – 312

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