Your paper will open a window on the mind of the European intellectual around 1750. You will address two categories of analysis:

1) Science – what kinds of progress since Aristotle up to 1750?

2) God – how did beliefs change about God in the same period as a result of scientific advancement?

Obviously, since this is a short paper, you cannot cover ALL of the science. So, pick a scientific endeavor or two. Re-trace developments in medicine, physics, astronomy, or chemistry, etc. – whatever you see fit. Likewise, you cannot cover ALL of the great thinkers, scientists, and innovators from this long period, either. So, once again, pick a few to back up your arguments.

Some helpful questions to think of:

How did these thinkers reconcile their belief in God with the mounting progress in science by the 18th century?

How did their examination of science lead to the inevitable lessening of the significance of God and the rise of the “machine” that we will discuss in Unit II?

Did their faith in God, at times, actually help the advancement of science? Were God and science always enemies, or at least rivals? Why or why not?

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