Slavery at Sea – Book Review


What is the argument of the book?
Summarize the overall book in a paragraph, but make sure you clearly state the overall argument/thesis of the book: what does the author try to do in this book, what do they argue?

How does the author make the argument?

This should include a brief summary of the author’s methodology (i.e., approach and sources used).

Also include information on how the book is organized. For instance, “The author offers a chronological discussion of……”, or, “The book is organized into seven thematic chapters that examine……”

Expand the discussion of “how the author makes the argument” from there. You can include short summaries of each chapter as needed.

Evaluate the book.
Was the author successful in making and supporting her/his argument?

Was he/she convincing?
What did the author do well?

What, if anything, could they have done better?
Feel free to note an example or two (chapter or two) that supports the author’s argument most (i.e., best sections), or note sections that possible undermine or contradict the stated argument. In other words, assess the successes and limitations (if any) of the book.

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