Life Span Development Assignment: Select a social issue or problem that can have an impact on life span development during Young, Middle or Later Adulthood. The paper should cover the following topics:

1. Description of the particular issue or problem to include:
• the nature of the problem
• the extent of the problem
• risk and protective factors that increase or decrease the likelihood of the occurrence of the problem
• discussion of the issue in the context of diversity-cultural/ethnic/racial groups
• gender
• socioeconomic status
2. Discuss the commonalities and differences between groups on the selected issue.
3. Discuss the impact of this issue or problem on individual development using a bio-psycho-social approach
4. Discuss the implications for addressing this issue through social work practice and social policy.
5. The final integrative research paper will be evaluated using the following criteria:
A. The quality of your writing will count in determining your grade. You must carefully proofread your paper for typographical errors, grammatical errors, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and spelling errors.
B. Organization. The paper must begin with an introductory statement of purpose and overview of the ideas to be presented. The ideas must be discussed in a coherent, logical, well-organized manner and must be supported by your own analysis, based on research findings and theoretical discussion from relevant literature. Citations and references must follow the manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) writing format.
C. Relationship of the topic to at least three of the following must be included: culture, minorities, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation. Because the course focuses on trans-cultural issues, the paper must include the implication of the chosen topic for minority groups, people of color and women.
D. Implications for social work practice, social policy, and ethical considerations. Each topic area has implications for practice, both for prevention and intervention and for social policy. Include discussion on service delivery and access to social services within the context of social policies.
E. These four aspects of writing are stressed in addition to substantive content. It is important that social workers know how to communicate with clients and other professionals in writing, which is concise, clear, organized, properly documented, sensitive to transcultural issues and of concern to the profession of social work.
Time Roman font 12

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