Select a Topic for Research Paper
This course is both reading and writing intensive. It allows students to learn and understand the process of urbanization and to develop the skill of critical thinking as well as deepen their knowledge in collecting and analyzing data. Thus, each student is required to write no less than an eight-page research paper. The assignment for research paper requires reading, writing and critical thinking. The purpose this research assignment is to help you (students) learn how to conduct research; it involves not only writing but also reading and analyzing information.
This is your Assignment # 3:
SELECT A TOPIC for your research paper; a topic that is simple, common and unique to cities.
Write one page that briefly describes or defines the topic you select and why.
Selecting a topic for research is often not an easy task; it is much difficult than you might think. If you cannot come up with a topic on your own, select one from the list below. Please be specific and follow the instructions.
Suggested topics for a research paper
1. Cost of living in the city
2. Crime rate in New York city in any city)
3. Access to health care in the city
4. The problem of urban teenage pregnancy
5. High prices for consumer goods
6. High property taxes in New York / (any city…)
7. Homelessness in the City (specify a city)
8. Inadequate urban public education
9. Inadequate urban public housing
10. Limited social services in the city (specify)
11. Low wages in the city
12. Obesity among urban teen-agers
13. Over crowdedness in the city (specify)
14. Urban police brutality
15. Population density in New York city
16. Urban public transportation
17. Sexual harassment in urban work place
18. Teenage violence in the City
19. The city entertainment district
20. Traffic congestion in the City
21. Urban Unemployment in the U.S. /(anywhere?)
22. Urban health care cost (anywhere?)
23. Urban juvenile delinquency

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