Taxonomy Of IT Assignment


Taxonomy Of IT

Develop a “taxonomy” of information technology document. A taxonomy is a way of organizing something on a “group within group” basis. (Remember how the biological taxonomy is structured.) Initially, define information technology. Create an abstract from your Assignment Unit 1 H document, for example. Secondly, develop an outline of the major “elements” within the discipline of information technology. For example, you may start with three major areas: hardware, software, and people. For each item in the outline, define it in a sentence or two. Using an outline format, further develop each major area. (For example, you might sub-divide software into: application packages, programming language, and systems. Systems could be further sub-divided into: booting software, language translators, operating systems. Et cetera.) Once you have created the outline, fill in some details for each element. This assignment serves as a great review for the final exam. The paper should be of “significant depth,” suitable for a graduate program; that is, the paper should be approximately 6 pages in length. The paper should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. Additional background: In this taxonomy document you will be outlining and giving an “abstract” of IT. Imagine you need to give a meaningful overview of IT to someone unfamiliar with the field. The taxonomy allows you to “group” major aspects of IT and present it in a meaningful way. Remember the grand idea of abstraction. In this document you will simplify the complex field of IT into a few pages of information.

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