The Hub Of The Brand


Assignment 3

Analyze your brand’s website and write a detailed, client ready report of what you find. This should be formatted and presented like you were hired to audit the website and make recommendations. Each section should be at least a full paragraph and include what you found and what you’d recommend they do to improve. Make sure to include sections for the following:

Business Objectives & KPIs

Why does this website exist? What does the brand hope to get out of it? Sales? Leads? Awareness? How can they measure how effective the website is at accomplishing their goals?

Target Market

Who is the target audience and what are they visiting the site to accomplish? How successful is the site in accommodating their needs? What could be improved?


How usable is the site? Do they follow standard website conventions? If so, what are they? What is difficult, what is easy? What could be improved? Is the site responsive or mobile friendly?

Search Engine Optimization

Is the site search engine optimized? How can you tell? If so, what keywords and phrases are they targeting? If not, what would you recommend they target (make sure to explain why and that target words / phrases are realistic ). What could they do to improve their optimization?


What metrics would you recommend they monitor in addition to their KPIs?


● Include two external links 

● Include one photo or video 

● Assignment title must be catchy and interesting 

● Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language. 

● You must address each section outlined above in detail. If we don’t get the 
impression you have learned the material in this lesson and the required readings 
we will automatically deduct 2 points. 

● All sections must include detail about what you found and what you’d recommend 
be done to improve. 

● Your recommendations must be justified based on your own research or 
information provided as part of this lesson or class. 

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