The Teacher Who Inspired Me


What is the selection criteria?
Reflection of the teacher who inspired me must be based on the information provided. The criteria for the reflection/personal experience is based on characteristics of an "inspiring teacher".
CRITERIA: What does it mean to be an inspiring teacher?
An inspiring teacher can be recognized by the following characteristics: Enthusiasm for teaching; empathy and warmth towards all students; fosters positive relationships with all students; creates a positive learning environment; and recognizes student strengths.
Enthusiasm for teaching
The teacher engages the class with excitement, enjoyment and anticipation. The teacher engages students to participate and stimulates them to explore. The teacher sparks the curiosity of the students and motivates them to learn.

Empathy and warmth towards all students
The teacher demonstrates the ability to understand and share the feelings of their students. The teacher provides them encouragement by displaying qualities of kindness and sincerity and is always approachable and accessible.

Fosters positive relationships with all students
The teacher models positive behavior by building trust and rapport with their students. The teacher practices patience and understanding and always interacts in a respectful manner with all students.

Creates a positive learning environment
The teacher creates a safe learning environment where students are accepted, respected, and supported so all can learn and be successful.

Recognizes student strengths
The teacher embraces their students’ traits, qualities and personal skills that can harness the strengths for positive learning outcomes. The teacher retains high expectations of their students at all times.

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