If you are not sure what you should do in some of these situations, speak to a friend or co-worker (who grew up here) before you start the assignment.
PART A (4 marks)
In a case like this…
In a situation like this…
In this sort of situation…
Respond to *1 of the 4* following problems.
What would you do or say if
1. Someone had not followed the rules/procedure and you discovered this later on.
2. You are paired with someone and you discover that they really dont have the experience/expertise they require for the job
3. You suspect certain data/information may be inaccurate.
4. One of your team members is bossy and lazy.
PART B (6 marks)
Using “In a case like this…”
You are a factory supervisor and you have been told that more newcomers to Canada are injured on the job every year than anyone else.
PART C (5 marks)
What would you do if you were Bob’s supervisor?
Bob called in sick today. On your way home, you happened to glance up at a TV screen, which was showing highlights from today’s Blue Jays game. To your surprise, your “sick” employee, Bob, could be seen looking happy and healthy at the game. You later found out that some of the other people who work for you knew that Bob was playing hooky. What would you do?

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