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Each student will prepare a final research Paper based on one of the Human Resource Management topics covered in the reading assignments/or current events in the news media. EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR RESEARCH PAPER DRAFT ASSIGNMENT: Please research Purdue Owl for details and format (annotated bibliographies) Introduction .5 pts Annotated bibliographies must include all 20 citations 2 pts Preliminary conclusions .5 pts References (APA format 6 th Edition) 2 pts Total Points 5 Pts YOUR DRAFT RESEARCH PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE: Utilize a minimum of twenty references from a minimum of ten (10) peer reviewed journals. Your draft should be approximately 7-10 pages, written in APA format. should include an introduction, annotated bibliographies using all 10 of your peer reviewed references ( has examples of APA annotations. You must also include references at the end of your draft assignment. Be sure that you have included all of the items listed on the draft rubric. Remember place an * to denote that an article is a peer reviewed citation, preliminary conclusions and a bibliography must be in APA format 6 th Edition.

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