Unit #3 Rhetorical Analysis

1. Read Chapter 8 in Writing 10 Core Concepts which covers rhetorical analysis. Pay careful attention to the concepts of ethos, pathos and logos.

2. View Power Point which covers the three main rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos and logos.

3. View the example of a rhetorical analysis of the Gatorade commercial.

3. View the video “Like a Girl”.

4. Your next essay will be a rhetorical analysis of a video. Use the information from the chapters in the textbook, the video example and your own knowledge to help you write this essay. Your essay should have a thesis statement which explains your understanding of the main idea behind the video. In other words, what exactly do you claim the video is trying to say? Next, organize your body paragraphs rhetorical appeals. A paragraph for examples of ethos, a paragraph for examples of pathos (remember emotional appeals do not have to just be an appeal to something sad or anger, it can be an appeal to our sense of humor as well); and a paragraph on logos. Refer to the video example I provided and listen to the student’s remarks regarding these appeals and the Gatorade commercial. This will help you to find these appeals in the “Like a Girl” advertisement. There is no product in this ad, so what is the ad trying to sell us? An awareness or a philosophy?

The requirements are simple:

500 words

MLA format

Submit to the Dropbox no later than October 8, 2018.

Text or email me with any questions.

K. Campese

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