Women and gender studies discussion

From a current or recent movie, television show, magazine, book, Web site, popular song, advertisement, or other public source, find one example of a depiction of women’s bodies and/or sexuality that you regard as responsible, or one example of a depiction that you regard as irresponsible. In choosing your examples, you might consider questions such as whether individuals are presented respectfully, whether individuals are unhealthily thin, whether women of color are represented or erased, and whether violence is shown or implied. Describe your examples as thoroughly as possible, and add a photo or a link so that others in the class can check them out for themselves Explain why you have chosen these examples in relation to this week’s reading (make your references clear and solid).

What is a Body Outlaw? Are you a Body Outlaw? If so, how? If you are not a Body Outlaw, would you like to be? Why or why not? Please use specific examples in your answer.

Do with this question as you will, as long as you make the required connections to course material: Is beauty power? Or is it oppression? Can it be both?

How are gender roles and gender ideals constructed in the media, specifically in Disney movies? What effects do these images and messages have on women’s lives on the micro, meso, macro, and global levels?

Choose two examples from this week’s reading that illustrate the intersection of various factors, such as sex, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and class. Discuss intersections, and what this kind of understanding means for feminism.

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