Write a 1-page memo

Excerpt from your syllabus:

The responsibility of the learning in this course is shared among the student, their peers, and the instructor. The responsibility you have in your learning, growth and development is referred to as “student co-production.” You will have the opportunity to self-reflect and consider the 3 P’s of student co-production

1. Professionalism (e.g., physical and mental class attendance, demonstrating respect to others in the class)

2. Preparation (e.g., readings, assignments, team presentation)

3. Participation (e.g. role-playing, contributing to teaching blogs with peers, asking questions)

At the end of the semester each student will be required to write a 1-page memo where they will state the number of points (50 possible) they feel represents their level of co-production and will then write another paragraph (or bullets) supporting this assessment. Co-production papers are due on the last day of class. The instructor will review the papers and make adjustments to the scores if necessary (please note: rarely in an environment like the one here at USU have I needed to make a downward adjustment to these grades). Although formal class attendance will not be assessed, a characteristic of a top co-producer (near perfect score) is that they do not miss class. In the event you do need to miss class, as a common courtesy, please notify the professor and team members in advance.

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