Write an essay about The Namesake.
Develop a thesis that answers the following question: PLEASE DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESEARCH FOR THIS PAPER. I WANT YOUR IDEAS SUPPORTED WITH QUOTES FROM THE NOVEL. Please look at one of the main characters in the novel through the first lens (Ethnicity/Race/Culture) from the handout “Lenses for Reading Literature” (handed out in class 6/15 and posted on our Moodle site). With this lens in mind, create a thesis that addresses the following: How does this character struggle? This is a starting point. You need to develop a specific, argument thesis statement and support your points with the text. For example I might use the following as my thesis:In the novel The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, Gogol’s struggle for cultural identity is evident in his romantic relationships with Maxine and Moushumi. TIPS: – Have a specific working thesis before you begin writing and utilize pre-writing techniques.- Write as if the reader of your paper already knows the plot of the story/stories you are writing about. Avoid plot summaries and focus on your ideas/analysis.- Underline the title of the novel.- Use quotations/passages from the novel to prove your points. Be sure and list the page number in parenthesis after your quote. If you are quoting text that is more than three lines, use MLA block style.- Use present tense when describing story events.

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