You will complete a policy brief for this course. A policy brief is a document that discusses a specific issue and provides succinct, rigorous and accessible recommendations to policy makers. It draws on research, academic theory and practice. The brief is no more than 1 page single space in length and is derived from extensive research and analysis. The policy brief should be presented as bulleted points with the sections below as your subheadings. Be certain to review the various instructional videos on the course web site. The policy brief consists of the following six (6) sections:
Section I: Identify the issue or problem you will address
Section II: Identify the stakeholders who have an interest in address or solving your issue/ problem
Section III: Identify three (3) or four (4) points about the nature, salience and/ or urgency of your issue/ problem
Section IV: Identify policy options/ courses of action available for addressing your issue/ problem
Section V: Recommend a preferred policy solution/ course of action for addressing your issue/ problem
Section VI: List 4 -6 References you used in developing your policy brief

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