Subject: Management
Topic: Writer’s Choice
Paper details:
You’ve been hired by a 3rd Party Investment Fund Manager to audit a private
experimental chemistry laboratory and help them develop an OHS management
system. Your audit findings reveal:
 The lab is currently owned and operated by a very well trained and competent
scientist. The scientist worked at several respected university lab before
setting up a private firm. Technically this scientist is “brilliant”, however, her
approach to the management of OHS is very informal.
 The lab experiments involve the use of compressed gases, flammables and
other hazardous chemicals.
 There is a detailed inventory of chemicals but the Material Safety Data Sheets
(MSDS’s) available in the lab is incomplete. (She prefers to download one
when they need an MSDS.)
 The lab has the usual safety features (e.g. fume hood, eyewash station,
personal protective equipment, etc.) but is rather cluttered and chemicals are
not properly segregated nor stored in approved cabinets. There are no
maintenance records for the lab safety features.
 There are approximately 10 lab employees who are personally trained and
supervised by the scientist. The scientist will not let these people work alone
until she is satisfied they are competent to do so. There are no training
 There are procedures for some of the routine or more critical experiments but
overall the scientist believes that because this is an experimental lab (i.e. they
are not sure what their next experiment will be), the value of documentation is
not that great in reducing lab risks.
 Overall, in practice, they are probably doing a good job of managing lab risks,
because of the extensive technical knowledge of the scientist / owner. She
stated the lab practices are similar to those at the universities where she used
to work.
1. How would get this organization “interested” in adopting a management systems
approach to health and safety. What actions would you take to get started?
(State any assumptions that you would like to make about the organization.)
2. Review the International Labour Organization’s Guidelines on occupational
safety and health management systems ILO-OSH 2001 at the end of Unit 4.
Would the ILO-OSH 2001 model be useful to this Lab? Why or why not?
Note: The Course Outline suggests Units 1-4 are the basis for this assignment which is
true, however, feel free to use any of the information from Units 1-6 depending on how
far along you get.
1. Your assignment should be typed and approximately 5 pages in length double
spaced using Time Roman 12 font or equivalent.
2. Assignment is due by the date noted in Blackboard.

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