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March 9, 2020
Addressing end-of-life issues
March 9, 2020
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Socio-psychological implications of suicide amongst Black women.

This project seeks to interpret the phenomenological implications of suicidal conduct as a response to being
socially killed through systemic disenfranchisement. More closely, this project seeks to understand the ways in
which expressions of suicidality amongst black women exemplify a status of social death. How are black
women forced to encounter death as a discourse of living? Can the condition of social death explain aspects of
suicidal ideation and suicidal conduct amongst black women? Social death carries socio-genetic
consequences that have informed, developed and ascribed epistemologies and ontologies of uncertain nonhumanness upon black women as objects rather than beings. This project utilizes a mixed-methods research
design in which auto-ethnographical personal narrative is used in tandem with a developing quasi-quantitative
research method called sociological autopsy. Sociological autopsy is an emerging mixed-methods
investigational approach in which critical observation of several cases of suicidal lives are made in order to
triangulate consistent thematic content that informs the intellectual questions being investigated. I need
Chapter 3, Theory/Hypothesis section of my senior thesis edited, written, formatted, and cited. I would like this
chapter to be reformatted, condensed, and to include 7 additional pages building on what’s already been
written. The remaining portion of the chapter has been outlined.

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