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The Benefits of Free writing

[ad_1] It s 2 am and you re sitting at your desk, no ideas and no thoughts. The cup of coffee to your side is the sixth. But still, the same blank sheet of paper from an hour ago taunts you, there is nothing to show for your effort but a back cramp and a […]

June is the Shortest Month of the Year in the World of Men’s Fashion

Every June, shorter men across the U.S. celebrate National Short Men of Style Month. According to U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, it is estimated that there are at least 30 million, professional, American men in the U.S. under 5’9″ in height. These men are under-served by the existing retail menswear market, which tends to build their […]

How To Write A Powerful Speech Introduction

[ad_1] Have you ever wondered how to write a speech introduction that will immediately capture your audience’s interest? The speech introduction sets up the central idea of the entire speech. It sets the mood and the focus of the crowd to a particular agenda. The introduction should be catchy, amusing, or thought-provoking. No matter what […]

The Hardest Part of Writing

[ad_1] What’s the hardest part of writing? Base on your writing experience, do you know what the hardest part in writing is? Basically, the difficult in writing is how to get started. It is not easy how to start your writings up and then stick those words all together. However, there are times that when […]

PhD Proposal Sample

[ad_1] PhD comes from the Latin “philosophae doctor” meaning teacher of philosophy. A PhD is the highest level of degree and certification one can achieve. A PhD is required for most academic researchers and for University professors. It is a true honor to have a PhD. This means that you have achieved your potential and […]