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Research Methods

[ad_1] Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approach: Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA Approaches to research questions vary based on the nature of the question, the research problem being addressed, the source of data, the significance of the project, and purpose of the study. Research methods are qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods.  In qualitative study the […]

How to write an assignment: guidelines for students

[ad_1] HOW TO WRITE AN ASSIGNMENT: GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS 1.  Purposes of writing assignments Assignment writing is a real challenging job and you have to face this challenge throughout your academic career, wherever you live and wherever you study. An assignment can be written on any topic or any sub topic and the range of […]

Writing Help

[ad_1] Whether you are working for a small business, large corporation, or are a student, there are numerous sources that you can turn to for help with writing. Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate with their customers, their employees and their potential customers. Effective verbal communication is equally important, but nonverbal communication in […]

Importance of Proofreading

[ad_1]     Students often struggle to write their essays and are exhausted and relieved when they finally finish. Their next step is to send it to the examiner but in doing so they have overlooked one very important step: proofreading. The proofreader can give an objective viewpoint and is an important link buffering the student […]

Literature Review Example

[ad_1] Literature review example will help you in knowing the way of how to make a perfect research paper. This is an important part of research making process and you need to go through the research papers of other researchers in the similar problem to make a quality literature review. I have talked with some […]