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The Importance of Research Before Writing

[ad_1] Many people come up with an idea for an   essay  and they start to write, and usually what they will come up with is a base of where their focus will be, throughout the research process. Even if you are writing an  essay  on the benefits of vitamin C and you know all there […]

Free English Homework Help

[ad_1] English is one of the most important compulsory subjects. But there are kids who often face problems understanding the grammar and spellings and these are considered as fatal mistakes in the classes. They often need special tuition for improving their English. But after school the schedule is too busy for most of the kids. […]

How to Write Personal Essays

[ad_1] Personal essays, also known as personal narratives, allow the writer to express himself in a rather bold manner. Such essays help gauge the writer’s ability to write on a given topic in an engaging manner. As the name suggests, a personal essay is more or less a personal perspective. While writing a personal essay, […]

How to Write Effective College Admission Essays

[ad_1] Many universities and colleges require applicants for admission to write essays as part of the admissions process. This is because the data that can be gathered through application forms may not contain enough information about the applicant, especially with regard to the candidate’s personal outlook. College admission essays are useful in assessing the suitability […]

Advice for Writing Essays

[ad_1] 1. Answer the Question. This is the first and most important suggestion. Answering the wrong question is a common mistake made by students. Unfortunately, it can be a real disaster for the grade you get in an exam. Make sure you understand what the examiner wants; it is highly advisable to refer back to […]