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Essay Writing – The Importance of Citing Sources

[ad_1] For many students, documenting sources in an age where information is widely available and easily accessible can seem like an inconvenience. Thus, many downplay the importance of citing sources when they write assignments. Here are some key reasons, though, why documentation of all sources in any assignment is important. Acknowledging sources prevents plagiarism Citing […]

Dissertation Transcription – A Service for Students

[ad_1] Dissertation Transcription services refer to those that do the conversion of recorded audio interviews, student notes and research material into text files. These files will then be utilized for creation of hard-bound thesis to be eventually submitted to the thesis directors. A dissertation is a kind of documentary record that highlights the author’s scholastic […]

How to Deliver a Good Academic Presentation

[ad_1] Many people are extremely accomplished at researching and writing academic papers. However, when it comes to presenting this research or findings to an audience, a lot of people struggle. They find the whole experience very daunting and this can have a negative impact on their confidence and ultimately on their grades. Delivering a presentation […]

The Importance of Research Before Writing

[ad_1] Many people come up with an idea for an   essay  and they start to write, and usually what they will come up with is a base of where their focus will be, throughout the research process. Even if you are writing an  essay  on the benefits of vitamin C and you know all there […]

Free English Homework Help

[ad_1] English is one of the most important compulsory subjects. But there are kids who often face problems understanding the grammar and spellings and these are considered as fatal mistakes in the classes. They often need special tuition for improving their English. But after school the schedule is too busy for most of the kids. […]