The Hardest Part of Writing

00:00 Jan 01


What's the hardest part of writing? Base on your writing experience, do you know what the hardest part in writing is? Basically, the difficult in writing is how to get started. It is not easy how to start your writings up and then stick those words all together. However, there are times that when I started writing a couple of sentences forming into my first paragraph, I found myself deleting those previous sentence up and start writing all over again. Now, that's a total time consuming and word wasting.

I guess a lot of people experience the same thing. That's because there is no exact idea that comes out from our minds and which fits it with the topic we are having. Sometimes, creative ideas won't just come out and we feel like our minds were somewhat being blocked. That's the reason why we can't think of some possible words in order to create a complete content writing.

Besides, the first paragraph or the introduction seems to be infinitely more difficult to write than the rest of the parts of a content piece. There are times where it takes a couple of minutes or even hours just to finish the first part.

Now, we all know that the hardest part of writing is rarely the stringing of words together that are usually in the first part of a writing piece. In fact, if you have at least average writing skills and good writing software, you can fashion beautiful prose if you know your subject inside and out. Ask any seasoned writer and they will tell you the same thing: the real challenge of writing happens during the preparation and organizational parts.

Once you have your topic and research materials at hand, you'll need to turn your attention on how it is best to present them to achieve optimal results. That means deciding how to build your argument and present your supporting statements to successfully back it up.

Investing Time

Most people tend to pass over the preparation stages, looking to allocate most of their time to the actual writing and editing process itself. The reality, however, is that if you do this phase right, the writing you will need to do is minimal, as you don't have to invest as much thought while putting the words to paper, allowing you to focus on the relaying your message instead.

Finding Your Own Technique

There are many techniques to organizing your ideas for writing, some more effective than others depending on your particular skillset. Personally, I recommend spending some time to research outlining and planning strategies for writing. Find three or four that seems to play to your particular strengths and try them out. Check your writing software for ideas, as many of them do incorporate the planning stages as part of the application's feature set.

Now, the second hardest part in writing is how to end your piece. However, it doesn't even matter how your creative mind ends your content as long as you know how to sort things out.