The Importance Of Gcse Coursework

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The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an educational program undertaken by students around the age of 14–16. These are students who are currently studying their secondary education in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.  There is a similar program implemented in Scotland called the Standard grade.

Although GCSE coursework is intended for teenagers, some older students are also allowed to take GCSE coursework. GCSE coursework certification is often a requirement for jobs in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. It is also a requirement for students who want to take on further studies. Students in other countries are also allowed to take an international version of GCSE coursework. IGCSE will also tackle the same topics as GCSE coursework albeit it will focus less on UK issues and examples.

As a general rule, UK schools require their students to take GCSE English language, GCSE Math and at least one GSCE science course (Physics, Chemistry, Biology or a combination of the3). There are also vocational GCSE coursework available to students. These applied sciences are double award; meaning they are worth twice the regular worth of a typical GCSE coursework. In the same way, there are GCSE coursework available for half-award; this will be useful for students who cannot devote all their time and effort to GCSE coursework.

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