Three ways to better work with the people around you

00:00 Jan 01

In a world where most people believe other people are there worse enemy our true enemy is time. Time stalls evolution because time doesn’t discriminate. Time has been here before us and will be here after us. Time is undefeated against any single opponent. We beat time by working together and passing knowledge. Working together helps us survive longer. It is important to support our brothers and sisters where we may have ignored them. It is a small world and the people that we choose to help has a more direct impact on our evolution than you may think at the moment. The key to unlocking time is working together. By working together we eliminate the conditions that prevent us from living long lives. Everyone deserves to live there longest life. That person that may of not had enough time could possibly be the mind that helped you survive longer in the future. When working with people it is very important to have a strategy even for the smallest obstacles can help improve the outcome. Everyone's strategy isn't the same, so it is important to do what works best for you. We can combine our strategic efforts to overcome obstacles that without help we would have not been able to achieve on our own. Strategy has been around since before time. Strategy exist wherever there is life. Strategy gives us a chance to use our potential. Time is the only factor that may change with strategy. Effort should always be consistent, and you will reach your potential. Attitude is where we are. If you don’t like where you are try changing your attitude for a more positive one. Everyone can afford to have a more positive attitude. A Positive attitude is the love we give each other in our day to day lives. It is a way of respect towards each other and ourselves. A positive attitude is contagious to those with no positivity around. A positive attitude cost nothing , but it makes life much easier in every way. A bad attitude can put your life in a continuous loop stuck trying to figure out why the perfect plan went wrong. A positive attitude will help you reach your goals in life, and people will offer you more opportunities. By identifying time as our collective enemy, having an effective strategy, and a positive attitude the people around you will work with you better.