Please write a 6-page paper on memory using ONLY the articles provided below. The 6 pages will not include the cover page and the reference section. So 8 total. Please make sure that you use all the 5
June 11, 2021
shop sales 100K margin 30% what is the profit?
June 11, 2021

Tlif0002: administer chain of responsibility policies and procedures | SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT | Alliant International University


Assessment 1: Project 

Project – Report on Chain of Responsibility

Note: Develop your own template, ensuring you address all five (5) of the above requirements. A report should include an introduction, body and conclusion.

Assessment 2: Case Study 

You are the WHS Manager (FT Employee) of NCT. 

Your manager is the HR manager Heather Goanna


Note: Develop your own template, ensuring you address all four (4) of the above requirements.


Using the provided COR Breach Report Template, complete COR Breach Reports on each identified breach

Assessment 3: Short Answer Questions

Note: Please answer the following Short Answer Questions below. Ensure you read each question carefully and address the question fully in your answers. 

Assessment 4: Simulated Workplace Assessment 

Chain of Responsibility – Final Assessment.

Note: We have provided you with NCT Policies, Procedures and supporting documentation for this Assessment. 

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